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    Item #: GAFA06FEPB
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    Product Features:

    Tile Floor

    Gladiator® Edge Trim completes the look of your tile floor with a clean and tapered edge that creates a smooth transition from the driveway, or in the case of under-vehicle or single stall installations, the surrounding untiled floor. Black Edge Trim is offered in both Female and Male sections that mate up with the male and female interlocking tabs on the floor tiles. Each 6-Pack also contains one optional corner piece useful for certain applications. Edge Trim usage varies by preference and garage floor layout. See Use and Care Guide to determine the needed type(s) of Edge Trim based on recommended installation instructions.

    • Comes with 6 pieces and 1 corner

    • Flexible Installation Options
      Edge trim completes any installation. Common applications include the door opening approach from the driveway and the perimeter of under-vehicle and wall-to-wall installations.

    • Customize To Fit Your Garage
      Mix and match female and male edge trim pieces to mate up with the side(s) of the floor you want finished off.

    • Optional Corner Pieces Included
      / One rounded corner piece is included in each 6-pack for use on outside corner applications (Note: Edge Trim pieces can be trimmed for applications requiring an inside corner).

    • Installs Easily and Quickly
      Edge Trim pieces quickly snap into place using the same interlocking mechanism as the floor tiles.

    • Easily Repaired If Damaged
      Simply swap out only the damaged Edge Trim pieces should replacement become necessary.

    • US Patent D498,307 & D502,556
    • 12"W x .5"H x 3"D