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Item #: GAWG24G4XG
Availability: Discontinued notify me
Retail: $429.99
Price: $342.95
You Save: $87.04 (20.2%)

    If you’re looking to organize a space or de-clutter your home, the Gladiator® Wall Solutions Pack is a great option. Eight pieces of 32" GearTrack® channels give homeowners 21 feet of wall storage. An assortment of hooks, baskets, bins and storage shelves easily solve organization issues in any dormitory or provide homeowners withan off the floor storage solution. And the 24" GearBox easily stores tools and liquids safely and securely.

      Kit includes:
    • (1) Premier 24 in. Wall GearBox
    • (8) 32 in. GearTrack® Channels
    • (2) Deep Hooks
    • (2) Tool Hooks
    • (1) Big Hook
    • (1) Utility Hook
    • (1) Dual Hook
    • (1) Cradle Hook
    • (1) Scoop Hook
    • (4) J Hooks
    • (4) L Hooks
    • (6) Small Item Bins
    • (10) GearTrack® End Caps
    • (56) Color Match Screws

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