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    Dumbbells don't have to be ugly, dirty and left to roll around your basement floor. In fact, Body Solid has taken the concept of traditional dumbbells and given it a lift with a fresh modern look

    • Bright, color-coordinated weight increments
    • Durable vinyl-coated finish.
    • No-roll hex-ends for easy stacking and storage.
    • Weight designations permanently stamped onto barbell ends
    Body Focus
    • Biceps
    • Cardio Conditioning
    • Delts, Forearms
    • Pectorals
    • Senior Fitness
    • Shoulders, Traps, Triceps
    • Walking, Wrist
    • Sit Ups, Pec Fly
    • Bench Press, Incline Press, Decline Press
    • Pull Over
    • Upright Row, Deltoid Raise
    • Shoulder Press, Standing Military Press
    • Bent Over Row, Shoulder Shrug
    • Biceps Curl (seated), Biceps Curl (standing)
    • Tricep Extension
    • Tricep Kickback
    • Squat, Seated Calf Raise
    • Standing Calf Raise
    • Reverse Fly, Barbell Thruster
    • Burpees
    • Item weight - 4 lbs.