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    Item #: GARF19XXYK
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    Finally, a stainless steel refrigerator that’s tough enough to stand the test of time in the garage and stylish enough to be used inside your home! The ENERGY STAR® qualified Chillerator® garage refrigerator is built to stand up to intense heat and cold, keeping stored food at just the right temperature all year round. Locking casters allow you to roll it wherever you want and set it in place with no hassle. With 19 cu. ft. of storage space (14 cu. ft. refrigerator, 5 cu. ft. freezer), you can grab a snack or your favorite beverage right in your garage.

    • Durable surface inside and out of the home - The Chillerator® Garage Refrigerator has a double pass heat loop that reduces exterior condensation, even in extreme temperatures.
    • Internal temperatures always consistent - Even in extreme heat or frigid environments, items inside this unit will remain at a consistent temperature.
    • Self-monitoring defrost - The Frost Free Defrost adjusts the frequency of defrosts by monitoring the compressor's run-time and the evaporator heater's on-time. This results in fewer ice crystals, less freezer burn and energy savings. With this unit, you will never need to spend your time defrosting.
    • Beverage storage and easy access - This garage refrigerator's can caddy keeps your beverages cold, secure and easy to grab. With room for up to 9 soda cans or a bottle of wine. Favorite beverages are always close at hand in the can caddy.
    • Saves you money, reduces energy use - This unit is 20% more efficient than minimum current federal energy standards, It saves 453 k Wh/Year (53% more efficient) over a same size top freezer purchased between 1993 and 2000 (approximately $49 annually at the average national electricity cost). It saves 167 kWh/Year (or 30% more efficient) over a same size top freezer purchased between 2001 and 2007 (approximately $18 annually at the average national electricity cost).
    • 29.5" × 73" × 33.9"
    • Weight: 208 lbs