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    Item #: B2.5R
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    Everyone knows how to ride a bike, but not everyone knows how to build a commercial quality recumbent bike that will provide a lifetime of cardio fitness. The Endurance B2.5R Recumbent Bike offers commercial quality features that provide you with the feel of a top-end touring bike.

    • Heart Rate Contact is almost like having your own personal trainer, empowering you to maximize your workout results.
    • Cardio Training is the first step to a healthier heart, enabling you to strengthen your entire cardiovascular system
    • Fat Burning programs are designed to help you quickly reduce your waistline and develop a fitter, trimmer physique
    • Interval Training combines the aspects of endurance training and cardio training with various speeds and levels of resistance. For many, the variable nature of such a workout eliminates frustrating fitness plateaus
    • Hills simulate running on hills with gradual inclines and declines.
    • Random is a different workout every time to eliminate boredom with your workout routine.
    • Workout Feedback Display: 3 LED Segments
    • Workout Profile Display: 8 x 20 Profile Matrix LED
    • Heart Rate Technology: Contact Heart Rate Readout
    • On-The-Fly Programming: Yes
    • Accessory Holder: CD
    • Width - 35 in.
    • Length - 41 in.
    • Height - 55 in.
    • Item weight - 150 lbs.
    • Lifetime of the original purchaser on the entirety of the product.
    • 1 Year Labor