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    Item #: FWS4812-6XB
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    The FLOW WALL™ SYSTEM – 24’ SQ FT - PANEL PACK comes with everything you need to get started with the functional, versatile and beautiful FLOW WALL™ SYSTEM. This complete set includes enough FLOW WALL™ to cover 24’ square feet and all required installation and finishing accessories. Install your FLOW WALL™ panels in any desired configuration then add accessories to personalize your storage needs.


    • FLOW WALL PANELS to cover up to 24’ square feet of wall space. (6 pack of 4’W x 12”H FLOW WALL PANELS)
    • One Box (48) of coated color matched drywall installation screws
    • One Pack (12) of nylon horizontal connector dowels

    Optional Finishing Strips

    • Finish strips give the wall panel installation a clean and complete feel. Since the strips are universal, starting from the right install from top to bottom, and from the left install from bottom to top.
    • Tip - Silver Finishing Strips look great on the Maple Wall Panel as a complement to the Silver Hooks.


    • Modular and Expandable – system grows to fit your changing storage needs.
    • Fully integrated – accessories and wall work as one convenient system
    • Strong and durable - holds up to 400 lbs per panel (*properly installed)
    • Easy to install and maintenance free - screws directly to studs and antimicrobial
    • High Density PVC Core: Strong and durable. Holds up to 400 lbs per panel*
    • Beveled Slot Profile: Provides maximum strength and secure fit for FLOW Accessories evenly distributing the weight on each panel.
    • Smart Install Features: Including extruded connector dowel channel for horizontal expansion, and finishing channels for clean vertical installation and alignment.
    • Designer Finish: Waterproof and UV resistant finish is easy to clean and offers a high quality look, superior to other slat wall.
    • (6) 4'W x 12"H Panels
    • Panels hold up to 100 lbs. per sq. ft
    • Panel pack weighs 31 lbs