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Garage Storage Buyer's Guide

Garage Storage Buyer's Guide

Garage Storage Systems

Garage storage systems are essential to creating a well-organized garage. A perfect combination of cabinets, shelving, workbenches, slat walls, flooring etc. can be put together to make any garage an ideal garage and workspace. When it comes to garage organization and customization, the key is to get everything off the floor and onto the walls, inside of cabinets and hanging on shelves (or even the ceiling!). It creates a more usable space for work, play or  just parking. Spaces with clutter are quickly transformed into areas or organization and beauty.  The following are elements of a proper storage system that will help you achieve just that.

Garage Cabinets

Cabinets are essential for any of your garage organization plans.  They are also guaranteed to make your garage more streamlined by adding function in a structurally sound garage environment. The modular and easily customizable cabinets will fit your needs, whether that need is space on shelves for plastic bins or vertical space for lawn tools. Garage Cabinets will create more usable space for work, parking, storage and Man Caves.

Garage Flooring

There are several options when it comes to garage flooring. Interlocking or peel and stick floor tiles come in 12" squares, and are both simple to install. Roll-on flooring comes in a variety of widths, often ranging from 7' to 10' wide and usually up to 20' long. It does not usually require any adhesive, although there may be some variation by brand. A more unique finished product can be achieved through the use of an epoxy coating. This is the most labor-intensive option, but it also provides longer-lasting results. It requires preparation of the area, and then multiple coats of epoxy. There are also fire retardant flooring options that will keep your family and home safer. 

Garage Workbenches

Workbenches are the perfect space-saving tool for garage organization and customization. Useful for both storage and work purposes, garage workbenches do twice the work for half the size. Some models even fold up to allow you more room when you're not using it. Create space in your garage with a workbench that literally folds flat against the wall when not in use.And when you’re ready to tackle that project, the workbench pops up and locks in a snap and even boasts a 400 pound load rating.There’s also the option of utilizing a workbench and the storage space below.Many workbenches have the option of parking base cabinets underneath allowing maximum storage benefits. And you don’t need to be worried about losing that leg space underneath the workbench when you keep the base cabinets on casters.Easy to roll out and easy to roll back in.

Garage Shelving

Garage shelving is a basic, yet valuable element of garage organization; from sports equipment, gardening tools, paint, tires and bins - shelving is the most simple way to get everything into place. Garage Shelving is available in numerous different styles, materials, configurations and colors.Take control of your garage, get clutter off of the floor and clean up and organize in one fell swoop by adding some garage shelving.

Organizers and Accessories

For the assortment of odds and ends that don't seem to fit in anywhere else, there is a wide variety of baskets, shelves, racks, hooks and more that can fit any need. We have many different styles and solutions for you.From Gladiator to Flow Wall to storeWALL – choose your size, strength and color to keep your garage cohesive and coordinated.Individual baskets can be used to store collections of cleaning supplies, painting supplies, etc. Hooks can hang ladders, rakes and shovels.You can even get bikes off of the ground and up on the wall easily with special mounted hooks.

Overhead Storage

Overhead storage is the one of the most overlooked aspects of garage storage and organization. Practically every residential or business garage you’ve entered in your entire life contains an abundance of unused space on the ceiling.Utilize these open areas with overhead storage that’s easily accessible, stylish and massively convenient.Clear up space on the floor, walls or anywhere else you need.No more banging your car door on that kayak lying on the side of the garage.Bins full of winter clothes store easily until you need them.We recommend MonsterRax for your overhead storage. With multiple colors and sizes to choose from, you’re sure to find the right fit for you and your family.

Tool Boxes

What garage is complete without a tool box or two? Or five!? From small handheld sizes to large wheeled units, there is a size available for every garage and every customer. There are numerous configurations of drawers to hold every size of tool. Steel construction and ball bearing drawer slides provide sturdy and easy-to-use storage. Tool boxes can also be used to store things such as scrap-booking supplies, jewelry making tools, etc.Whether your garage space allows you to place a wide bodied Tool Box or a stack-able Tool Box we have you covered with multiple manufacturers and models.We’ll find a Tool Box to fit your needs.

Tool Carts

Tool carts are a portable and durable form of storage that lend themselves easily to changes in location and project. Wheeled units are available in one, two or three shelved models, large basket models and also a blend of wheeled shelving and toolbox-style drawers. Tool carts' portability and versatility make them an especially practical choice for small spaces.Pneumatic wheels will assist in transferring any project easily, safely and smoothly from one location to the next. From Caged units to enclosed and open tool carts, we’ll find a system that will fit your needs.

Storage Bins

Storage bins are the ubiquitous answer to garage organization for good reason. The choices in storage bins are never-ending - size, configuration, style, color, design, with wheels or without - any combination you can think of. There are both small and large storage cabinets full of built-in drawers and bins perfect for storing tools and hardware alike. If you’re interested in mounted storage on slat wall, we have you covered. Flow Wall and Gladiator have amazing and endless possibilities for organization using Storage Bins.We also have free standing Storage Bin cabinets as well that are well suited to conquer a surplus of garage customizations. We are certain to have you covered on any Storage Bin organization that you’ll desire.

What Do You Have to Store in Your Garage?

Sports Equipment, Outdoor Games, Toys

Garage cabinets, shelving, overhead storage and storage bins are perfect for keeping balls, jump ropes, mitts and bats, skis, snowboards, and the rest of it protected and organized.  You'll be amazed how adding some cabinets and storage can turn your garage from, "We really need to clean the garage," to, "We'll be out in the garage hanging out!"  No more hiding from the garage.  It'll be time to congregate in the garage.  Your neighbors will be intrigued.  


Tool boxes and tool carts provide a place for your "antique" tools or your brand spankin' new ones so you can access them quickly and easily.  Tool boxes and tool carts will offer solid protection as well.  Your tools are valuable to you, your home, job and overall life.  Tool boxes and tool carts can be securely locked to keep your tools from rascally children or burglars.  Put your mind at ease by keeping your tools safe. 


Food should be stored in food-safe containers, but from there it can be safely and conveniently kept in garage cabinets, bins and shelving.  Taking care of your family is a must.  And preparation is a key component in making sure that you will be taken care of in the event of everyday accidents that may occur.  From earthquakes out west, tornadoes in the Midwest and hurricanes back East and in the South - storing food in garage cabinets, overhead storage and on shelving will keep you and your family prepared in the event of natural disasters.  

     Holiday Decorations, Keepsakes and Mementos, Out-of-Season Clothes

Christmas and Easter come around once a year. And although some of us insist on keeping the decorations out longer than others, decorations will eventually need to be stores away. Decorations that you don't need to access to on a regular basis are the perfect items to keep in garage cabinets and overhead storage. They won’t be in your way the rest of the year but they’re still close and easily accessible when you need them. Keepsakes and mementos will stay safe from water or insects that will cause trouble on the floor of your garage, and out-of-season clothes will be tidy and out of mind as well. 

Gardening Tools, Paint Supplies

Garage cabinets will hold taller tools such as rakes and shovels, while also providing shelves for smaller tools, paints, brushes, etc. Smaller tools can also be kept in tool boxes, tool chests or tool carts. Home improvement tasks will be less of a task when locating the necessary tools doesn’t result in an endurance trial of seeking items out. These tasks will also take less time when locating everything you need to accomplish the deed is a breeze. 


Depending on what automotive things you need to store, you can use a variety of organizational products, from large cabinets a the way down to a small tool box, with all sorts of baskets and hooks in between.

Garage Storage Brands

Bench Solution

Bench Solution offers a unique solution for creating extra workspace in your garage. The Bench Solution workbench has a fold-a-way feature that allows you to convert your workspace quickly and easily to create more room to work. It seems no matter how large your house is, space is always a precious commodity, so products like this are always a useful organizing tool. An IdealWall Solution is also available, and can be added to a house, office or garage. The panel grooves are spaced so as to hold all makes and sizes of hooks, baskets and other accessories, making them ideal if you have a melange of brands and makes of tools.

Geneva Garage Gear

Geneva Garage Gear's garage storage cabinets are some of the sturdiest products available; made of stainless steel, and available as fixed or mobile units, they are sure to hold up to whatever work you need done. Deep storage capacity and many configurations of drawers and cabinets are just two of the many benefit of Geneva products. Composite styles are available as well, like a 3-door service cabinet that folds out into a workspace while still providing maximum storage. Finishes like Performance Red, Mojave Desert Sand and Stainless Steel ensure that you will find exactly what you are looking for your organization system.


HandiSolutions' complete storage and organization systems are perfect for not only garages, but also utility rooms, laundry rooms, and even basements. The system includes slat wall panels, baskets, hooks, shelves, tilt bins, tool holder, folding work bench, garage storage cabinets, trim extrusions, and more. Like the others, this system is also flexible and easily modified to fit your specifications. The HandiWall slat wall is a great addition to any area you need organized. It can be used as a complete wall or implemented into a storage system you already have, and the slats are perfect for hanging everything from lawn equipment to power tools and even cabinets. It is unique in that it can be easily hosed down if it gets dirty, and the structure design prevents water from pooling in the slats. A choice of five colors is available as well, so you will be able to have not only a well-organized garage, but an aesthetically pleasing, well-organized garage.

Ulti-MATE Garage

Ulti-MATE Garage combines style, ruggedness and structural integrity to offer some of the sleekest and strongest garage cabinets available on the market today. Whether it's for your "Man-Cave", laundry room, garage, kitchen or business - Ulti-MATE has you covered.  Ulti-MATE cabinets assemble with a steel cam-and-post locking system that is strong and secure.  The radius corners on every cabinet offer a smooth layout for any cabinet layout you choose.  Leveling legs on each cabinet assist the cabinet configuration on even the most uneven of floors.  With 3 different colors and styles to choose from, Ulti-MATE will surely make your neighbors and friends green with envy.  You'll also be saving some "green" too since Ulti-MATE cabinets have some of the best prices you'll find in the garage cabinet world!