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    Product Features:

    GearWall® Panels are the ultimate in garage transformation. A heavy-duty, patent pending slot-wall system designed to reclaim the floor and maximize storage capacity and flexibility. Custom design your storage capacity and flexibility by adding 1 ft. high by 8 ft. long panels to a wall or your entire garage. Robust panels are built to withstand the extreme heat, cold, and humidity of the tough garage environment. GearWall® Panels are easily attached to wood studs or to drywall over wood studs. All Gladiator® wall accessories and Wall GearBoxes can be used with GearWall® panels. Interested in partial wall coverage? Check out Gladiator® GearTrack® Channels. Underwriter Laboratories Classified . Underwriters Laboratories of Canada Listed.

    • Internet and Phone Orders Sold in Packages of Two Channels
      Also sold in individual pieces at retail outlets.

    • Full Wall Coverage for Ultimate Wall Storage Capacity and Flexibility
      Once attached to wall studs, the large weight-bearing panels eliminate the need to find or rely on wall studs to hang heavy items.

    • Compatible With All Gladiator® Wall Accessories
      Easily hang and reposition the full line of Gladiator® wall accessories including hooks, baskets, shelves, bins, and Wall Gear Boxes.

    • Tongue and Groove Panel Design
      The tongue and groove panel design provide a visual guide for easy installation.

    • Double Channel Design
      The patented double channel design allows for a variety of secure attachment methods for accessories, all of which are easily repositionable.

    • Versatile Mounting Options
      Mounts on bare wood studs or drywall over wood studs. Can also be mounted directly to masonry walls. (See installation instructions for details.)

    • Installation
      Channels can be installed using ordinary wood working equipment. Pre-drilling screw holes for attachment to wall is not required.

    • Screw Track
      The screw track makes it easy to start screws and prevents them from 'walking', reducing chances of marring GearTrack® Channels during installation. The screw track also serves as a guide for even screw placement, ensuring a clean look.

    • Trim Options
      GearWall® trim is available to finish inside corners, outside corners, doors, windows, and other obstructions.

    • Underwriters Laboratories Classified
      Underwriters Laboratories Classified with a flame spread index (FSI) of 25 or less and a Smoke Developed Index (SDI) of 350 or less and are rated as a Class A material, as required by the Fire and Building Codes per the International Building Code (IBC).

    • Underwriters Laboratories of Canada Listed
      Underwriters Laboratories of Canada Listed in accordance with CAN/ULC - S102.2 (Standard Method of Test for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials and Assemblies).

    • Rated Weight Capacity: 50 lbs. per Square Foot

    • U. S. Pat. No. 6,811,043 and Other Patents Pending

    • Designed to Comply with International Residential Building Codes

    • Class A Rated for Residential Interior Use
    • Dimensions:96"W x 12"H x .75"D