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    Item #: GAWB04MTZG
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    Product Features:

    Workbench Modules

    The new four foot adjustable height maple top workbench combines the heft of a traditional workbench with the versatility of an office product. With 15 different height levels, the adjustable workbench is always the perfect fit; a desk from kindergarten to college or a project table that works whether you are working close to the ground or in a standing position.

    • Leveling Legs
      The four 2.5 inch diameter threaded bolt leveler legs allow height adjustments of up to 1.25 inches to compensate for uneven floors. Nylon pads prevent floor stains and corrosion.

    • Dimensions
      Width 48 inches × height 29 inches to 42 inches high with a depth of 24 inches.

    • Versatility Redefined
      New adjustable height workbench in a four foot size. The legs can be adjusted from 28 to 42 inches high?perfect for creative projects, a desk or a bar area. The versatility doesn?t end there. Create a stylish and functional space in the garage or in the home, Fifteen one inch adjustments are available to meet all of your needs.

    • Part of a System
      Outfit an adjustable height workbench with a Powerstrip, Stool or Modular GearBox. The entire Gladiator® system allows you to start with one product and build around it.

    • Heavy-Duty Steel Legs
      The steel legs provide a strong foundation that won't shake or slide. Also, the strength of the legs help enable the support of heavy weight.

    • Dimensions: Width 48 inches × height 29 inches to 42 inches high with a depth of 24 inches.

    Lifetime Limited Warranty for Steel Frame

    1 Year Limited Warranty for Wooden Top