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    Item #: GAWG28FDYG
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    Product Features:

    The Gladiator® 28" Full-Door Wall GearBox is ready to hang out in your garage. The included brackets lets you hang it up and reposition it on Gladiator® Wall Systems wherever you need it most. Store smaller automotive, gardening or paint supplies, keeping them out of the way but within easy reach.

    • Wall Bracket Kit (included) 
      The Wall Bracket Kit for the Premier Jumbo GearBox moves the cabinet up off the floor and onto any of our Gladiator® Wall Systems, increasing wall storage capacity and freeing up floor space.
    • Two Adjustable Shelves
      Two full-width adjustable shelves, with 6 possible placements, provide flexibility to meet storage needs.
    • Magnetic Door Latch System
      The extremely durable magnetic latch has no moving parts; it powerfully holds the door when closed.
    • Heavy-duty welded steel construction supports up to 150 lbs.
    • Each Ready-To-Assemble Wall GearBox is 28 in. high x 28 in. wide x 12 in. deep
    • The GearBox comes standard with leveler legs to compensate uneven floors.
    • Round Key Door Lock
    • The door lock offers additional security, keeping kids and pets away from harmful and unsafe products. To provide convenience, all Gladiator® GarageWorks Products can be locked using the same key.
    • Easy to Assemble
    • The tab and loop design on all of the panels minimizes the need for hardware and removes guesswork in assembly.
    • 28" W x 28" H x 12" D


    • 28" W x 28" H x 12" D

    10-Year Limited Warranty