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    Item #: OSC301230-S73
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    Watch Hercke in Action!

    Organization on a higher level. Ideal for bulky storage you don't need access to frequently, like seasonal items, decorations and memorabilia.

    • To attach to the cabinet to the wall, purchase the Hercke Wall Mount System.
    • If you would like hang this cabinet on slatwall you will need to purchase the Hercke Channel Mount System.
    • Choose between corrosion-free Stainless Steel Doors or Silver Powder Coated Doors
    • Goes up and goes to work in minutes with no bruised knuckles or egos. One Phillips screwdriver and an innovative hinge application make it a simple snap.
    • Includes: (1) case, (1) 30" left door, (1) 30" right door, (1) right door two-point lockset, (2) shelves and (8) clips, (4) single e-clips, (4) double e-clips, (2) door handles, and instructions.
    • Overall Dimensions: 30"H x 30"W x 12"D