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    Hyloft Heavy Duty Tire Storage Rack

    Organize your storage area and create more working space with Hyloft Heavy Duty Tire Storage Rack from It is a great solution for storing seasonal tires, recreational tires or track tires and wheels. This multi-tire storage rack utilizes unused wall space and frees up much-needed floor space in your garage or shop. This tire rack is engineered from excellent quality sturdy steel and is black powder coated for a durable, scratch-resistant finish. Our tire storage rack is appreciated for its light weight, sturdy construction, easy fitting, and long service life. It can also adjust to accommodate various tire sizes.To ensure quality, it is rigorously tested against various parameters. With its higher load capacity, you can put your snow tires, ATV tires, or race tires to bed for the season and not have to worry about moving them to get to something else that you need instead. This Hyloft Heavy Duty Tire Storage Rack features:

    • Adjustable to 66" Wide and 28" Height
    • 400 lbs. load capacity