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    Item #: 6-Pack NSMPRD-BLK
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    Norsk-Stor PVC garage flooring is a garage floor system that is easy to install and is extremely durable and resilient. Patent pending Air-Dry™ design allows trapped moisture to flow from underneath the flooring and evaporate. This garage floor system is resistant to most chemicals and solvents and provides excellent acoustic and thermal insulation. Proprietary PVC formulation provides excellent flexiblility and good anti-fatigue characteristics. This flooring system makes it easy to replace damaged tiles and the flooring is portable for added versatility.

    • Our Raised Diamond garage floor covering system tiles can be used in nearly any setting, not just in a garage.
    • Because of our patented mushroom tooth design the Raised Diamond floor covering system can be used in combination with any other Norsk-Stor tiles to create a unique flooring space to suit your personal taste.
    • Installation of any Norsk-Stor garage floor covering system is easy and can be done with simple tools such as a tape measure, utility knife and rubber mallet.
    • Rely on our raised diamond garage floor covering system for the durability and flexibility your garage needs.
    • Each (6) pack box covers 13.95 sq. ft. and weighs around 17 lbs. per box.
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    • Each Tile: 18.3" x 18.3"
    • Weight: 17 lbs. per pack