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    Item #: NSTK-BE
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    Norsk-Stor PVC garage flooring is a garage floor system that is easy to install and is extremely durable and resilient. Patent pending Air-Dry™ design allows trapped moisture to flow from underneath the flooring and evaporate. This garage floor system is resistant to most chemicals and solvents and provides excellent acoustic and thermal insulation. Proprietary PVC formulation provides excellent flexiblility and good anti-fatigue characteristics. This flooring system makes it easy to replace damaged tiles and the flooring is portable for added versatility.

    • The edges of Norsk PVC flooring can be finished for safety and aesthetics sake.
    • Our finished edging kit is compatible with all Norsk-Stor multi-purpose flooring products.
    • The beveled edge for anti-trip creates a transition for the rubber tiled floor at door entrances or can form a border around the entire perimeter for a finished mat look.
    • This flooring finishing kit is made with patent-pending Air-Dry™ technology that allows for moisture trapped under the mat to easily evaporate.
    • Each finishing kit contains (14) 18" border pieces and (4) 9" corner pieces.
    • As with all of our rubber flooring products, the finishing kit is available in 5 colors.
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    • Straight Tiles: 18"L
    • Corner Tiles: 9" x 9"
    • Weight: 10 lbs. per kit