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    Item #: GALG36KDYG
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    Product Features:

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    The Steel Large GearBox stands over six feet tall and comes with three full-width shelves. The two large doors lock for added security. The Steel Large GearBox sits on heavy-duty leveler legs but it is easy to hang & reposition on all Gladiator® Wall Systems with the optional Steel Large GearBox Bracket Kit.

    • Large Cabinet
      At 3 ft. wide by 6 ft. tall this is our largest Gladiator® cabinet.

    • Ready to Assemble Cabinet
      The Steel Wall GearBox is packaged in a smaller box so it is easier to ship and assemble where you will use it.

    • Heavy-Duty Steel Construction
      The steel cabinet panels produce excellent cabinet structure for years of garage use.

    • Mounting Options
      The cabinet comes standard with leveler legs, but with the optional Steel Large GearBox Bracket Kit you can get it up off the floor and onto any of our Gladiator® Wall Systems.

    • One Fixed and Two Adjustable Shelves
      Three full-width shelves give you flexiblity to meet your storage needs.

    • Round Key Door Lock
      Locking doors offer added security.

    • Large Recessed Handles
      Functional and space-saving recessed handles create a sleek and integrated look.

    • Tread Plate Doors
      Sleek and rugged tread plate doors let everyone know it's a Gladiator® product.

    • Powdercoat Finish
      The powdercoating process electrostatically bonds and bakes the protective coating to the bare metal, forming an effective barrier against corrosion.

    • Rated Weight Capacity: 45 lbs. per Shelf - 225 lbs. per Cabinet

    • Patent Pending
    • Dimensions: 72"H x 36"W x 18"D