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    Product Features:

    Boot and glove dryer for home and travel. Place over home or hotel forced-air heating vent. When furnace fan turns on, warm air quickly and gently dries out both boots and gloves. Converts from home use to hotel use. Just slide out rear brace, turn over and re-insert. Lightweight unit easily fits into suitcase. Reduces boot and glove odor. Safe for all boot and glove materials ­ Gore-Tex, insulated, leather, PVC, rubber, vinyl, cloth, and plastic. Rugged steel and flexible plastic construction has no moving parts to break. Nothing to plug in. Holds 1 pr. gloves and 1 pr. boots.

    • Steel and flexible plastic construction
    • No need to plug in, just position the rack over the heater
    • Lightweight and easy to travel with
    • Perfect for hotel, home, hunting, skiing and so much more!


    • 9"W x 9"D x 18"H