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    The Racor Extended U-Hook from the is a perfect storage tool in a small package. This U shaped garage organizer is designed with the highest quality material employing cutting-edge technology to ensure it can withstand heavy loads efficiently, without any damage. The hook is easy to install and hardly requires five minutes of time to installation. This Racor hook is a flexible wall mounting solution for garden tools, lawn chairs, power tools, utensil bags and large electrical cords. No other product in the market can compete Racor Extended U-Hook, when it comes to installation, versatility, and strength. The only tool needed for its installation is a screw driver. Available at the market’s best prices, the Racor Extended U-Hook features:

    • Mount to drywall or a wall stud with the same fastener.
    • Extended length plate design distributes weight evenly for superior holding power.
    • Notches on plate allow for easy leveling and alignment with other hooks.
    • Rubber coated hook provides added visibility, safety, and grip.
    • A spike on the back plate allows for quick positioning and easier mounting before fastening to wall.
    • 2 Tornado fasteners to install into wall.
    • Max Capacity - up to 40 lbs. (drywall/stud).
    • Color: Black/Orange
    • Package Includes One U-Hook
    • 7.25"H x 4.875"W x 5.00"D Packaged