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    The Tornado Large J-Hook is an excellent wall mounting solution for hanging chairs, leaf blowers, fertilizer spreaders, and sleds along the wall. Constructed of molded Zinc, the Orange/Silver edition of Tornado Large J-Hooks is versatile enough to mount drywall or into a wall stud with the same fastener. The only tool you need is a screwdriver. No other product can match the installation ease, strength, and versatility of Tornado Large J-Hooks.

    • Mount to drywall or a wall stud with the same fastener.
    • Extended length plate design distributes weight evenly for superior holding power.
    • Notches on plate allow for easy leveling and alignment with other hooks.
    • Rubber coated hook provides added visibility, safety, and grip.
    • A spike on the back plate allows for quick positioning and easier mounting before fastening to wall.
    • 2 Tornado fasteners to install into wall.
    • Max Capacity - up to 45 lbs. (drywall/stud).
    • Color: Silver/Orange
    • Package Includes 2 Large J-Hooks
    • 11.50"H x 6.75"W x2.00"D Packaged