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    Item #: GAFT04DTPS
    Availability: Taking orders for late April

    Product Features:

    Gladiator® Drain Tiles provide an attractive solution for those fortunate enough to have a garage equipped with a floor drain. There's no need to sacrifice functionality at the expense of a great looking floor. The open grates of the flow-through tiles allow access to floor drains while maintaining a uniform surface height across the floor. The Drain Tiles attach to each other and the Edge Trim using the same interlocking mechanism as the Floor Tiles. The color-matched Drain Tiles are offered in 4-Packs.

    • Flexible Installation Options
      Use one or more Drain Tiles depending on the location of your floor drain to allow full access without having to cut a hole in your floor tiles.

    • Holds Heavy Vehicles
      The durable drain tiles hold up to the weight of heavy vehicles.

    • Installs Easily and Quickly
      Drain Tile pieces quickly snap into place using the same interlocking mechanism as the floor tiles.

    • Easily Repaired If Damaged
      Simply swap out only the damaged tiles should replacement become necessary.

    Width: 12 in. Height: .5 in. Depth: 12 in.