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    15 5/8" MagClip Strip

    Mag-Clip products are the perfect solution to a messy toolbox. Many mechanics complain that snap, clamp and clip based tool storage systems are difficult to use. Mag-Clip magnetic socket and tool storage solutions allow users to quickly release the desired tool using a single hand yet keep them securely in place when not in use.

    MagClip Magnetic Socket holder will hold sockets tight without magnetizing them. The MagClip Magnetic Socket holder hangs or mounts on any smooth metal surface.

    Triton MagClip 72402 Features & Benefits:

    • Fits shallow and/or deep sockets.
    • Fits standard and/or metric sockets.
    • Holds socket tight and secure on any smooth metal surface.
    • Will not magnetize sockets.
    • Magnets retain strength permanently.
    • Grease, rust, oil and chemical resistant.
    • Made from a tough polymer base.


    • 15 5/8"L x 2"W
    • 3/8" Drive size