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    "Think outside the toolbox." 

    • Fixtures install from the front with no need to remove the board for installations and additions.
    • Each hook can be mounted in four different and unique positions, making them capable of accommodating virtually any tool, accessory ect…
    • DuraHook unique Patented double locking system insures they will always stay put and never fall out even after repetitive use or relocation.
    • Customers will no longer buy or return the wrong size hooks. One size fits all.
    • First locking spring clip on the market that fits standard pegboards and can be rotated horizontally or vertically.
    • DuraHook is designed and tested to meet the toughest commercial and industrial applications with the ability to hold heavy power, hand and yard tools.
    • Triton DuraHook is the first locking hook designed to fit both 1/8” & ¼” pegboard, perforated hardboard, tempered hardboard and DuraBoard without giving up strength , just by changing the enclosed locking screws.