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    Item #: DB-2
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    Triton DuraBoard w/ 2 boards

    At, we offer Triton garage organizers and accessories at the most competitive prices. One of the unique garage organizers and accessories in our collection, Triton DuraBoard is manufactured with the highest quality materials using the most innovative technology to ensure ultimate strength and durability. DuraBoard has three times greater holding power than the traditional pegboard. This heavy-duty pegboard is featured in white color, and ideal for creating silhouettes of tools to be stored and managed. Besides using at garages, this DuraBoard can be used for organizing your tools, sorting your laundry items, making a gallery wall, sorting your kitchen supplies, making a table runner, for collection display, and a lot more. Available at the most competitive prices, this Triton DuraBoard features:

    "Think outside the toolbox."

    • Includes 2 boards
    • DuraBoard is a polypropylene pegboard with three times greater holding power over traditional pegboard. Durable, weather resistant and washable. No cracking or breaking under normal use.
    • DuraBoard is a heavy duty white polypropylene pegboard.
    • Board surface is ideal for creating silhouettes of tools to be stored and managed.
    • Ideal for DuraHook pegboard hook and standard pegboard hooks.
    • 16' total Sq. Ft.
    • Dimensions: (2) 24" x 48"