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We at Beta Utensili have always invested in advertising, sales aids and multimedia tools, with a view to transmitting the value of our business project. Beta’s spirit is communicated mainly through our trademark, which is the name for guaranteed quality and reliability as shared by all our tools. The trademark means one of the most valuable ingredients for the company’s success. Therefore, we at Beta concentrate on making sure that the dimensional and color standards are met by all the material distributed worldwide. The “corporate identity” manual contains all the information needed for the logo to be used correctly – for example, by any authorized sales partner who needs to rely on Beta’s trademark to produce graphic material. Properly using all the components of the logo allows our partners and us to talk to the market in unison, so that the trademark can result in enhanced strength and vigor.
Eighty years’ commitment for four generations of people. A history started in 1923, when Alessandro Ciceri founded “Alessandro Ciceri & Figli”, to manufacture iron and steel casts; after World War II, the company became involved mainly in manufacturing professional tools. Developing first-rate products, as the fruit of investments in technology designed to lay stress on each manufacturing phase, means the key ingredient we at Beta have relied on to build a major, well-known trademark. Placing emphasis on outside relations, carrying out advertising campaigns and sponsoring the most prestigious teams in world sports competitions have allowed Beta’s trademark to increasingly stand out over the years, and helped the company to establish close relations with both customers and end users. Beta is currenly active in over 100 countries, offering more than 10,000 references, including tools as well as a range of safety footwear and a new work and free time clothing line.