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    Item #: MLBKE01
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    The myLIFTER Bike Kit includes everything you’ll need to lift one bike. The Bike Kit can lift bikes or other items weighing up to 100 lbs. when installed with the included pulleys.

    In The Box:

    • 1 MYLIFTER
    • 2 Pulley Blocks
    • 2 Lifting Hooks
    • 2 Bike Tire Straps
    • AC Power Adapter and Mount
    • All Necessary Mounting and Lifting Hardware

    Smart Lifting Points

    Accessing your stored items has never been easier. With the myLIFTER app's Smart Lift and Smart Lower features, you can program top and bottom locations for each item. Once you've set your points, simply tap the Smart Lift or Smart Lower button, and your item will automatically move to the preset points.

    Easy Installation

    Each myLIFTER device comes with all of the hardware you need to install the unit to your garage ceiling. In just a few simple steps, your myLIFTER will be mounted, plugged in, paired with your myLIFTER app or remote, and ready to lift! Visit our Installation page to download our user's manual and to watch installation tutorial videos.

    Safety features

    myLIFTER keeps you and your overhead items secure by not letting you lift more than what it's capable of. The unit's built-in weight sensors stop myLIFTER from lifting beyond its capacity, and the myLIFTER app's control screen will show you how close you are to your weight limit. The myLIFTER unit also uses an internal brake system that automatically locks the spool when the cable is not moving or if the unit loses power.

    Lifting Configurations

    Optimize your overhead storage in a number of different ways with our myLIFTER add-ons. Visit our Store for more information on lifting accessories.