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    Item #: GA-1100-08KSW
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    Eleven (11) piece package offers a great mix of cabinets and 6' workbench surface to transform any room into a functional room or maybe a room to play in. Unique Starfire Pearl and Metallic Flake colored cabinet fronts with full radius profile offer style like no other line, while strong 3/4" cabinet construction with 300 lb weight load per piece, designer hardware, etc provide the strength.

    • Beautiful Starfire White / Pearl color with metallic flake industrial strength PVC laminate on 3/4" strong MDF
    • Grey textured laminate over strong 3/4" PB cabinet box and interior for beautiful two-tone color scheme
    • Oversized Brushed Chrome handle / pull ergonomically designed and doubles as towel holder
    • SlipFit steel cam post assembly for added strength
    • Cabinet backings in all cabinets for "custom shop" styling

    11-piece kit includes:
    1 x GA-01SW 2-Door Base Cabinet
    1 x GA-02SW 1-Door Base Cabinet
    1 x GA-04SW 3-Drawer Base Cabinet
    4 x GA-06SW 2-Door Tall Cabinets
    3 x GA-08SW 3-Door Partitioned Wall Cabinets

    1 x GA-10 Worktop Surface

    Maximum Dimensions: 80" H x 354.75" W x 21" D