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    Item #: HK-S 2.5"
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    Product Features: is offering storeWALL HK-S 2.5" Straight Hook at the most affordable prices. This straight hook is perfect for storing the light weight items in the most effective manner. You can install this hook on the walls of your garage for easy accessibility to garage tools. This hook is manufactured with the highest quality material and have load rating of 20 lbs. These hooks can be used for hanging a variety of general purpose items. The hook comes equipped with our patent-pending CamLok. This hook can be easily installed in the garages and take at most five minutes in its installation. People looking to manage their garage at minimal cost can buy this extremely useful hook to organize their cluttered garages. Available at the market’s best prices, the storeWALL HK-S 2.5" Straight Hook features:
    • Load rating: 20 lbs.
    • these hooks are great for a variety of general purpose applications.
    • The lock in place CamLokTM is designed for frequent use.
    • The hook stays on the wall, not on the floor.


    • 2"W x 3"D x 3.5"H

    Lifetime Warranty