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    Item #: MonsterRax 2' x 6'
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    Product Features:

    Each 45" InstallStrip can be separated into 30" or 15" sections to provide a truly customizable installation. Note: The InstallStrip is designed to work with storeWALL HeavyDuty panels only.

    • Designed to simplify WALL panel installation
    • The InstallStrip is a galvanized industrial steel strip 45 inches long.
    • So that the strip can be used in a variety of installations, there are 'break-points' in each INSTALLSTRIP.
    • The break-points allow the INSTALLSTRIP to be separated into shorter sections for one or two panel installation.
    • In order to turn a 45" strip into a smaller strip, simply 'snap' the INSTALLSTRIP at a break-point.
    • No tools are required.
    • The InstallStrip can be installed on ANY wall surface including wood and metal studs, poured concrete and block and drywall.
    • Use with HeavyDuty Wall only.


    • 45"L x 2"W
    • Breakpoints 15" OC