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    Item #: UG21012
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    Ulti-MATE Garage 2.0 Series swatch kit provides each of five (5) metallic gloss facing colors options to help you choose the best color, and or, multi-color design options for your project, handle/pull and industrial strength 1-inch thick shelf. Features: • Five (5) color swatches: Midnight Black Metallic, Graphite Grey Metallic, Ruby Red Metallic, Stardust Silver Metallic and Starfire White Metallic • Swatch Brushed Chrome handle/pull • Swatch industrial strength 1-inch thick shelf • Images are renderings, and or, may depict color variance to actual item received

    2.0 Series Manufacturer Limited Parts Warranty

    When this product is installed, operated and used according to assembly instructions, Ulti-MATE Garage will replace defective parts only if part fails as result of manufacturer defective in materials or workmanship for 10-years from product purchase date if cabinet spec is in production, if original owner, receipt of purchase from authorized dealer and original address product shipped to. Labor or time cost not included.

    ASSEMBLY NOTE: Use two (2) or more adults when installing cabinets, they’re very heavy. Install or Assemble at Your Own Risk. When in doubt, contact licensed professional to install cabinets. For your safety, attach cabinet(s) to wood stud of wall for added strength and stability. Additional hardware to attach to wall, such as wood stud screws need to be purchased. Use caution on type of goods stored in cabinet, they may have adverse effect on cabinet, as well, for safety of children or otherwise. Use caution on weight load of items stored and disperse weight evenly. If hanging Base cabinets, seek cabinet professional to install and ensure attached to wall wood studs and reduce weight load.

    Ulti-MATE Garage WILL NOT PAY FOR & WARRANTY VOID: 1. Service calls to install product, correct installation of product issues, instruct how to use or install. 2. Product Damage or Personal Injury resulting from improper handling or use, or products damaged by accident, misuse, abuse, fire, flood, inclement condition damage from heat or humidity, uncontrolled temperature, fading of cabinet color, acts of God, neglect, corrosion, rust, modification or mishandling of product. 3. Products damaged by improper assembly, loading of goods, warping, and or, not equally distributing weight load below specified maximum weight capacity. 4. Repairs or replacement when your product is used in other than normal use. 5. Cosmetic damage, including scratches, dings, dents, cracks, warping and fading of cabinet color. 6. Dimples, and or, what might appear on certain viewing angles as imperfections in laminate are natural to the process of wrapping high-grade durable PVC laminate and not defective. 7. Surfaces damaged due to use, chemical interaction, abrasive materials or otherwise that results in corrosion, rust, delamination, warping or otherwise. 8. Replacement part(s) ship beyond lower-48 states. 9. Replacement keys or locking mechanisms. 10. Loss or damage of product contents due to misuse, theft, fire, flood, accident, acts of God or otherwise. 11. Shipping or freight fees, restocking fees or otherwise to deliver replacement products or return of product(s) if defective or not. 12. Any labor or time consideration costs. 13. Damage occurred from using power tools when assembling cabinets.

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