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NewAge Cabinets: An Ideal Solution to Create Extra Storage in Garages
Garage Cabinets serve a wide variety of purposes such as storing sports equipment, unused household products, accessories, mechanical devices, tools, and much more. According to a survey, the usage of garage cabinets has doubled since past a few years due to people’s modern lifestyle. As a result, garage cabinets have become an integral part of every home nowadays.

Due to growing needs of one-of-a-kind garage cabinets, a large number of manufacturers have mushroomed up in the market. But, when it comes to selecting the reliable one, NewAge Garage Cabinets stand apart. Here are discussed below some models of NewAge Garage Cabinets:

NewAge Performance Plus 2.0 Black 10 Piece Set
The NewAge Performance Plus 2.0 Black 10 Piece Set is the perfect garage storage solution from the Performance Series of the NewAge Garage Cabinets. This amazing garage cabinet can be purchased for just $ 2,899.99, and features fully welded 18 gauge steel frames with fully lockable double-walled doors, along with a 3x Multi-Use Locker. It also has 1 x 84” Bamboo Worktops along with a frameless design with a premium gloss finish.

NewAge Pro 3.0 Grey 36” Wide Locker
A Pro Series NewAge Garage Cabinets, the NewAge Pro 3.0 Grey 36” Wide Locker can be purchased for just $ 594.99. This superior quality heavy-duty 18 gauge steel cabinet has a powder coat finish which resists staining and scratching. Various heavy items can easily be stored in this locker as it has a weight holding capacity of 1000 lbs. and includes 4 easy-to-adjust steel shelves that can be repositioned in 1” increments.

NewAge Bold 7 Pc Set- Red with Stainless Steel Worktop
A 7 piece set from the Bold series of NewAge Cabinets, the NewAge Bold 7 Pc Set- Red with Stainless Steel Worktop is made of high-quality stainless steel and is available at $ 1, 319.95 only. It has a 4-gauge steel fully welded frames and reinforced doors and offers a great modern look for any garage.

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