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Gillette Generators Information

Gillette Generators is a total manufacturer of the largest assortment of portable and standby generator sets, available today. Made in the USA! All manufacturing of gillette generators, is performed at our location in Indiana, USA....

Gillette Generators Profile

We have specific control over all quality aspects, as we wind our own generators. The latest automatic winding equipment, along with the highest quality winding insulation systems, gives our company, the leading edge over off-shore generator assemblies. Our only product is generators and we sell these products through assigned and exclusive distributors, through out the world.

Gillette Generators History:

Paul Gillette founded this Company in 1955 at White Pigeon, Michigan. After 12 years of small KW generator production, the company was sold to Workinger Electric, an Onan Generator, RV Distributor in Elkhart, Indiana. Through the next 6 years, the Gillette line was expanded to 6 models. Present ownership with the Habic family spans 36 years of generator manufacturing. During this time, we have introduced generator models of many different styles and sizes. During 1984, Gillette became aware of the great benefits of a "Brushless" generator design. After 2 years of development, Gillette introduced the first, all USA made, Brushless line of portable generators. Today, Gillette is known as the pioneer in portable brushless generator design.

Gillette Generators "KLEEN-POWER"

The very special "solid-state" electric loads that were just beginning to be commercially developed in the early 1990's presented another problem for portable generators. Today, solid-state controlled electrical equipment having microprocessor chips, require very clean electric power (harmful harmonic distortions of generated wave-form must be under 10%). The typical "Brushless" generator (which is now the most common generator design), produces an average 30%-40% harmonic distortions on their generated wave-form. This will damage or destroy microprocessor based equipment, such as computers, UPS Systems, Radio Transmitters, Amplifiers, or even such common equipment like garage door operators, Burglar and Fire Alarms, Automatic Sprinklers, and even the electronic ignition system on your home furnace.

We know this and We Have Acted! Gillette has re-designed it's complete line of generators in 1994 to provide an average 6% harmonic distorted wave-form for a very clean and safe emergency power source, and we call it "KLEEN-POWER". Other generator companies have since, clean their sine-wave, but it still remains a question, every buyer and distributor should ask, "What is the distortion percentage of your sine-wave"?

The present challenge is to produce a high quality, reliable, and quiet operating standby emergency power source, that will complement the ever questionable reliability of commercial power.

We know this and We Have Acted Again! In 1997, Gillette designed a series of home and small business standby generator sets. Today, we have a large selection in sizes 10 KW through 150 KW with LPG or Natural Gas fuel, and from 12.5 KW through 350 KW with Diesel fuel.

We are ready with the largest selection of portable and standby, 2-pole and 4-pole generators, that yield clean, reliable, and high quality emergency power with long operating life, for this coming decade.

OUR CUSTOMER IS OUR GREATEST ASSET. Gillette is determined to build and deliver world class products and services, at a level that exceeds customer expectations. Also, our customer service satisfaction shall always be deemed greater in value than our price of product.'s Testimonial: From our experience and research, after you purchase a portable Gillette Generator, you’ll get a great product. If you ever have any problems, Gillette will always stand behind their products and they won’t forget about who go