3 Things To Consider On How To Pick Your Garage Cabinet Storage Systems Set

08 Aug , 2019

Obviously there are a lot of factors that takes place in deciding which garage cabinet set to select. However, in this post we will try to hopefully make it easier for you to narrow down on what to select and how to go about doing it.

There’s are really two types of garage storage cabinets available for organization. The first one is going the custom route (which can be expensive), or the other choice is to buy the modular, or pre-configured standard units (which are very budget friendly depending on the brand choice).

Here are some recommendations on choosing the best garage cabinet storage system (sets).

1. Put some thought into how you will use your garage cabinetry

There can be many ways to use the cabinets and there are a lot of cabinet combinations to choose from as well. Really what it comes down to is how much space you have available. First measure your walls where you want the cabinets installed. Once you have the measurement you can narrow down to which garage cabinet set (i.e how many pieces will fit against the wall) to choose from. You’ll also need to know what you plan to store in the cabinets and how you will access these items. Another important thing to consider in your space is the angle, do you have any windows and/or door locations? If so, then ensure that the cabinet set you choose can be configured accordingly without blocking your window and/or door.


3 Things To Consider On How To Pick Your Garage Cabinet

2. Decide your budget (Big Factor)

Before you start shopping around think about what type of budget you have and how much you are willing to spend on your garage cabinet storage system. There different brands (and series) available and each brand have their own range of budget. Do a little research to see which type and design you like. Our most known and popular brands are the Ulti-mate 2.0 garage series and the Newage Bold 3.0 and NewAge Pro 3.0 series.

Once you have the brand and budget narrowed down you should now be able to start shopping around. At this point you also know the measurement of the wall where you want the garage cabinets installed, so you really have all the information at this point. Obviously keep in mind that the cabinet organization system that you buy is that you get what you pay for. Always take a look at the warranty to ensure you are aware of what will be covered throughout the years of the life of the cabinet system.

3. Think about what you’re going to store in your cabinets

We know it is not easy and it can be a little frustrating to really select that one option that will fit your needs. We are aware that there are many many choices to choose from. That is why we are writing this post to hopefully help you narrow down your options and select the garage cabinet storage system that will fit your needs.

So lets get to the last part of the post. Think about what you are going to use your garage cabinet system for. Typically, in garages people have tools, car necessities, parts, and other home storage items that they can't store in the house. Make sure the items that you are going to store in the cabinets will fit in the cabinets that you are buying. Take a look at the depth of the cabinets to ensure that it will fit your needs. Most of the garage cabinets systems come in either 18" or 24" in depth. 

The other thing to look at is the garage accessories and storage options. Some garage cabinet systems sets come with slat wall where you can hang your tools that you use for easy access. 

We also have tall cabinets that are useful for storing clothing you use in the garage, brooms, and other longer items that won’t fit in a typical cabinet. 

Still have questions? Give one our team a call to discuss any questions you still may have. We can be reached at 1-800-960-8341

Happy hunting for your garage cabinet set!

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